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Hair Removal

Unwanted hair gone!

Hair Removal: Services

Laser Hair Removal

The lasers we use to carry out all our treatments are manufactured by Lyton Lasers, who are the top manufacturer here in the UK.

We have IPL and Nd..Yag option available to treat most skin tones. Both work in a similar ways by targeting the melanin in the hair, whilst in the active growth phase, resulting in hair removal / reduction.

  • Award winning Lynton technology

  • YAG & IPL options catered to your skin tone

  • Medical grade lasers used by the NHS

  • Air cooler

Price List


Bikini Line                                £50                 Course of x6      £250

Extended Bikini Line               £60                 Course of x6      £300

Full Leg                                    £150               Course of x6      £750

1/2 Leg                                     £100               Course of x6      £500


1x Facial Area                          £40                 Course of x6      £200

Full Face                                   £60                Course of x6      £300


Under Arms                              £50                Course of x6       £250

Arms                                         £70                Course of x6       £350

1\2 Arm                                    £60                Course of x6       £300

Back & Shoulders                    £180              Course of x6       £900

Chest & Abdoman                  £120              Course of x6.      £600

Please make a free appointment for an consultation and treatment price can be confirmed.

Hair Removal: Text
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